What Happens Next?

I’m not a poet,
Yet I try to be one
To let my heart set
Into the world of fun.

But how can anyone…how…
When those snobs welcome them, with a kick,
Whose worthless lives filled with sorrow,
Have nothing but their palms to eke?

If such be the plan of modern society,
And if…- you have a separate entity;
Then… why not raise your third hand
To oust that brutal band?

I don’t know how to escape this matrix,
But I’m quite sure and I can fix
That our works for treasure
Will give the world a bit of pleasure.

Coz’ today, I’m in the same condition
Trying to fulfill my old ambition.
I wish my thoughts could be true;
And I’m on my way of virtue.

I’m on my way… I’m on my way…of…of…

Submitted by Samuel Brwon.

Tags: | Category: Life Poems

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