Walking In Circles

I must admit
I am just a human being
just walking in circles
trying hard to decide
when to break from the pack
walk my own path
follow my steps
wherever they may lead
walking is such a dangerous thing
scary and full of fear
be it in circles
where fear is going no where
or straight ahead and forward
not knowing where the road might lead
excusing abound for avoiding both
but the safety of contentment
is not long lived
so into the fray I go
stepped on and bruised
shoved around and ignored
for no matter the bumps
the twist and turns
what lies within me
cannot simply lie
it has to venture fort
seeking it’s place
for no matter the journey
the only thing I can’t face
is that at the end of the day
not knowing my worth
for never having tried.

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2 Responses on “Walking In Circles”

Maryam says:

Beautiful piece,Keep up the good work!

Larisa Richie says:

So true no body is perfect.

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