Simple light I assume, I needed
nothing more, nothing less:
as I felt tired under the battered shade of a
tamarind tree.

Sour sweet pulp, sticky and acidic
life had held me by throat;
and I sang like a blue bird
in a golden cage.

The voice in me was different
neither of a stricken lamb,
nor of a green childhood
but a roaring sea.

From the surface I was rising
in sun, before ship comes
with cargo of grief,
and sorrow and pain.

You know, I don’t think, I think.
Death is taking lease on my name.
in other world,
where my counterpart is fighting for virtue.

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One Comment on “VIRTUE”

Zubair bashir says:

You are the shining pearl of my oculus..
How long i wait for those attractive moments.
You are the wing in body with it how i can fly.
You are my star at the drawn and at set..
You sometimes deserves me but i totally dont mind the slum ways..
Which you are….
You are those beats which i mostly pen down in my own wealth…
You taught me in the thrilling ways..
But my child mind couldnt got at all.
Now i pain my pleasure and again fluttering in the gathering soul
stay blessed
©zubair bashir

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