Us Humans You And I

Funny things us humans
you and i
spill out our souls
asking for advice
yet somehow refuse to listen
what is it about us
it’s always us
even over the silliest things
why is it we sit and criticize
over things we do our selves
bitch and moan
no onbe hand a helping hands
now a days
yet when we are asked
have a thousand excuses to say
what is it with us and love
that always longs
for someone to treat us right
yet always choose ones who wont
while ignoring ones who will
why do we seek freedom
within our soul
yet mock,laugh and refuse
to believe
the only one who sacrificed
to make it so
yes,funny things us human
you and i
always speaking of what we want
yet refusing to accept it
when it comes around
it wont actually be quiet funny
if it wasn’t quiet so sad.

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