To The Best Days Of My Life

I woke up scared today
More than I’ve ever been
All that life has dealt
Hasn’t always been
What I’d hoped to see
The places I’ve been led
Not in my vision of where I hope to be
Searching for a treasure
I’ve never found
And oh wouldn’t you know
Walking in the evening light
Through a pasture cold and alone
I turn and looked back at home
Heard my kids running through the house
Screaming and a shouting
Like a gladiators to a crowd
Then it down on me
My treasures is hidden
Right in front of me
All the luck I thought was bad
Has turn these times
Into the best days of my life
Walking through the nigh air
Past the best friend I ever had
She softly speaks to me
And beneath the stars my vision clear
I see my journey in just how far
Life has lead me
To just a place I should be
And I’m not ashamed to fall on my knees
Giving thank’s that I woke up
To the best days of my life.

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