To Terrorists

*To Terrorists*

Day after day and year after year
You have been working for
Only the rapid cause of destruction,
You are what are the teachers of terror
That began without construction.

Do you know what life is,
How long it is,
How to live it, but to leave it?
Or don’t you know you are human beings?
Terrorism – You define it.

Yet passions may differ, but this you mustn’t prefer
For, the heaven may be roomless,
To provide them room at once, innocent souls they are;
Await your death; your soul would be near;
But enough room has the hell for merciless.
Yet you won’t prefer, but hell you can’t differ.

What do you wanna show
Through your meaningless powers?
Whom do you wanna show
These terrible blood showers?
Or do you wanna blow
Your terrorism towards your followers?

I know you can’t answer
Coz you don’t understand nature;
You don’t understand human language,
Just all we needa say is –”Provide us Freedom always.”

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