There is Reasons When It Rains

There’s a reason when it rains
Birds don’t like to fly
There’s a reason you and me
Can’t see eye to eye
There’s a reasons
Answers don’t exist
To some question why
As we stand here talking
We know our minds and hearts
Are doing much more than walking
So in the midst of all of these
Why do we pretend
Why do we act
As though the other doesn’t know
When what we each feel
Is written in our selves
Go ahead you know the ritual
A gentle touch and kiss
The hottest passion felt
But no emotions shown
It just another show
With no center stage
The entire story played out
Behind the scenes
Sidestepping all the light
Let alone any spot
That might reveal the characters
As they really are
Oh indeed there is reasons
When it rains
Birds don’t like to fly.

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