The SprayMan

“The Sprayman”

A buzz roared out,
from the web,

He with his poisonous machine,
entered my house,
wearing an ominous mask,
whose very touch brings death,
to flies, spiders, insects,
So artstic about his bussines,
in every nook & corner,
finishes things off.

“A destructive sum up” i remarked,
and “thank you”,
“No Thank you Sir”……Only Hundred”

Then he unmasked himself,
Realy a handsome man,
I noticed, smiling…..

Yet a few weeks had gone,
I see sons & sisters,
a whole junk,……. buzzing,
from open gutter to
my toilet,
through the dark little hole,

And yet again,
inside the house,
spiders are building the web of Life.

10.10.2011 by Tahir Ghani

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Tahir Ghani says:

Thank you for posting it, looking forward to publish few more…

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