The Spirit`s Massage

Hello, my friend, today you`ll know the way,
Until your life will get the end
You should just go and be, and stay
When I my words to people slowly send.
I`m a ghost, you know like spirit me,
I am not dark but light is not my mind,
Because I was a human when it used to be
I`d died before you stated the angels side.
But I believe in you and hope you`ll do the best
To write my poems for all lonely hearts.
I want to say you should all pass the quests
And you will play your own happy parts.
Just listen to my soul melody,
I was a man who always sings a song…
About love and heartless tragedy,
About people`s awful, ugly clone.
I killed myself when was I thirty four
Unknown mess and nothing in the dark…
I met myself in pain, anymore
Were trying die in evil`s lonely park.
I killed myself because I was asleep,
I did not know about treasure life.
The money just unhappy souls keep…
I had a lover, then she brought a knife…
She sent me pain but I took the lie,
The poison folded all my thoughts in arms.
I shot one time and sown just partly die
I felt myself like pigs at poultry farms.
I shouted but nobody answered me…
I cried and prayed but was just by my own.
I saw my angel sitting on the tree
And singing song that means the people`s clone…
I saw the death and almost understood
That I was wrong and missed my stooped life.
I asked myself what changing make I could,
When she gave me that cold and hellish knife.
Could I forgive I really don`t know,
But now I stay between two other worlds.
Your lonely heart is full of peaceful snow,
You understand my pain and my words.
We`ll just to write and let all people read.
You`ll catch a dream and I can see the light.
We`ll be two friends, each other help we need,
We`ll meet at home when it`ll be the night.
I`ll help you reach the love and will belong
To angels who are near with your heart.
I swear you`ll never this world be alone,
You`ll meet your love, be loved and always smart.

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