The Road Of Life

I lay in bed reflecting on my life
So far and what i had learnt
The mistakes,i’d made
And the choices i’d taken
Life is too short for pity
Get busy living or get dying
What other people think of you
Is none of your business
They included practical advice
Some frivolous but was all
The result of the (sometimes painful)
Truth,i’d learnt from
The mistakes i’d made
Why this lesson
Seems to strike a chord
I think perhaps because
A lot of us hit bumps
On the road of life
We made mistakes
We worry that our live’s aren’t perfect
That were not doing
What we should be
We look at other people
And feel we’ve failed in some way
Yet,the truth is OK
To have a messy life
And get things wrong
It’s OK tO get something and fail
And we shouldn’t be afraid
Of not being perfect
Or fair the failure
Because it’s the fact that
We hit bumps on the road of life.

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