The Longest Conveyer

Envy reigns supreme in my mind,
when I see those birds relishing on fruits,
and those flying in the azure sky,
gradually merging into the blue vastness.
I am bound to the longest conveyer.
Life, the nonstop conveyer,
unaffected by power cut and mechanical failures.
Oh! your journey is discrete, you black charge,
as your furnace is visible in front of you,
though many similar to you,
are behind you in the queue.
But, I am alone and lonely here,
I look at the vastness of the infinity,
with no images sticking permanently,
to my mental firmament.
There are none behind me.
Surely one day,
I will reach the mouth of the divine furnace,
where my soul will be reduced,
at its lowest chamber.
The more I traverse on the divine conveyer,
the more far the furnace appears.
There is no one to lead me,
though I am not prone to diversions.
Still there is something divine,
which makes my determination firm,
to look for a holy soul,
who knows the path to the divine furnace.

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