The Healing Touch

Am not blind, can feel and can see those, your dreams crushed,
In the times of sorrow’s heat one needs a healing touch.
Needs a buck full of sympathy and caring hands ‘n the trust,
Fine memorable moments which could make laugh in bad times.
Tears in your eyes and the lips are dried sometimes wet,
My heart leaps with grief to see you sitting alone without smile,
Suffering through the pain, without doing a single bit crime.
Know better what happens to heart when all dreams crushed,
When you want to have something but when come about to know,
‘It’s out of approach’ then with pain heart hardly says ‘let it go’.
When everything is taken before your eyes rather than watching
Heart and eyes becomes of cold and snow, sometimes condition
Is like that you have to see just by stopping the tears saying ‘let it be’.
Can’t say to anybody just have red eyes to see the dreams crushed?
At that time I really say everybody needs sympathetic ‘healing touch’
(c.k as oliver)

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