Take It How You Want To

With my entire being I have given myself to you.
I have Loved you even when it seemed that my love might be in vain.
I have given myself to you & only you even when I felt like you didn’t give me the same amount of respect or courtesy.
I have bowed down to who I truly am to allow you to be complete.
I’ve held my tongue & opinion to protect your emotions …yet I’m not protected.
You’ve looked me in my face on more than one occasion and lied to me and then trumped up the event like I was trippin’.
Yet I remain here ready to still run to the ends of the earth with you.
I sometimes wonder if I have lost myself in the process of finding you or if I have just allowed myself to become a convenience.
Now take this as you’ve taken me for granted and think I’m too weak to move forward.
They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Believe That!!!

Category: Life Poems

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