Running Back And Fort

Here i am
at the end of the long hard day
seventeen hours running back and fort
trying to please everyone
each thinking they’re the only one
do have that
how much longer
is this going to take
sometimes i just want to scream
oh!for goodness sake
why dont you all just take a hike
go for a long walk
off for a short pier
let someone else listen
to hear all your tears
it amazes me how some
make it through the day
so,here i am
with some peace and quiet
wondering why i’m such a fool
doing it all again
in a few short hours
how i long to be one the sitting there
impervious to all but me
but thats not my life
it is what it is
as i sit here enjoying the quiet moments
draining them of the life
for all they’re worth
i thank the good lord above
i have them to live
to get me through
the back and fort.

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