Road Romeos

Can see me on the roads, in the bars, am a vagabond.
People call me road Romeo. As my life is going on,
I have endless life am standing here from centuries.
I tease going girls; I make comments on their curls.
Many times I have company, only few times am alone.
Many times am rich, few times I belong to the middle.
I fight; can kill for my Juliet, for it I am mostly known.
Move in the roads and in the streets, stand on the turns.
I don’t bother for what I have done, free from blood bond.
I can cross the limits, break the bonds, am a vagabond.
Am beloved son of mother, but in reality am a raven.
One more quality of mine is am ready to help anybody
Mostly don’t expect it from me; I lay in a funky mood.
Am ready to fuck, am blind follower and a lover of music.
You can find me on the side of a road, or in the city core.
Try hard or not but I will not stay away from the road,
Ok dear am the road Romeo, give me wine I’ll say more
I can die for whom I love; I can kill the one whom I hate.
That’s why I am renowned; people call me road Romeo.
(c.k as oliver)

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