Questions Ask

How do you feel
when you’re being let down
depressed and
you’re being phase out
that makes you feel
that you’ve been left on the shelf
how do you feel
when you’re just being your self
trying to do your best
but then again
you’re indesirable and unworthwhile
in someone else’s eyes
just how do you feel
when you’re standing on your ground
while others are running wild
with so many mistaken idea
that poured on you
not knowing what went wrong
and the truth
that no body really knows
how each life’s goes
oh,the sake of mankind
instead of be organise
but it seem it easier
to grab hold of more opportunities
to annoying habbits
and comparing differences
rather than to put ourselves
to someone else’s shoe
and,yes, my friend
wouldn’t be the answers to all that
be so nice to know.

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