Living in the slums, suffering from poverty am also a human,
I cry sometime to see my wife and children in the poverty,
Parents are suffering from disease; child wants a toy doll ‘n gun,
We work hard but very little we earn, dressed in rags ‘m a human.
Poverty is a curse, still I have to live in, false hopes are given,
Ill-treated am always been, poverty makes me to beg from human,
Sometimes my girl is raped, ’n ‘m never given the decision,
Just because am not a rich gentleman, and am a very poor human.
She dies and I am muscled, poor take birth to live cursive life and die.
My dreams can never be fulfilled only depends upon luck,
But I like my poverty ‘cause nobles take birth from this very poor life
It’s a pushing thing, can lift anyone, like the very man Lincoln,
Every poor man can’t be Lincoln, so human should take step for poverty.
Living the life in a cursive way I am also a poverty suffering human.
(c.k s oliver)

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