You said it was a sin to trade for the hunger.
I was looking into your eyes,
something was amiss,
tears had become stones.
How long your breast was carrying
this despair?
You said it was a crime to hold the grief.

I was looking at the sky,
vultures have gone.
But pugmarks of hyenas are very distinct
around the house.
I am saving the chocolates for winter
kidnapping the heart.
You said it was an irony to sing
a heart-breaking song!

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Gladys says:

I really do love this poem and could you put some more on the internet like this please because most people that i talk to like this poem to so i am asking you could you pease do that for me because i am looking for some more excellent poems like that and some people really need some poems to give them to there family members and some of the there church members because we do have special when we have something going on like some people have things to do for there family or other people in ther house hold or there neighborhood bu most people donot do special things for other people because they think that they are to good to do anything for somebody else.
Thank you and
have a bless day

Gladys says:

thank you and have a bless day

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