What is it about pleasures
That play and poking around
One’s brain
Who don’t choose the thing
They know it’s good for them
But merely making decisions and choices
That make them believed
It produces pleasures
Rejecting their life
Rather than embracing it
What is it about pleasures
That make one’s hypocrites and arrogance
To move towards it
Rather than moving away from it
The fenetic rhapsody of cocaine rush
The ecstasy of a heroin high
The revelry of an alcohol buzz
The bliss of unrestrained sexual excess
The exhelaration of winning
streak in gambling
Pleasures that many in our society
Must to terms with
That find it difficult to give up
Even if it’s harmful to them
And to the people who cares
What is it about pleasures
That seemed a powerful tool
To deny one’s self and close
To the joy of simply living…

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