No Sense Is Made

I’m younger than I look
But older than I seem
There are days I need some years
Others not as much
Yes my eyes has been so much more
Than they do now
Though my steps are light
They worn out many shoes
So much seem brand new
Though I’ve done my share
Probably more than that
Wisdom has been gained
Some foolishness remains
As onward my life goes
With each and every step
Who can know what
Will tomorrow will bring
As we savor yesterday
That’s why no sense is made
Listening to what people say
For somewhere down the line
When others takes our place
The things we do today
Will not across their minds
That’s why I feel it’s best
To enjoy what we may
Live every moment of what we have
Thankful has come our way
Uninhibitedly by what
Others think or say
For opinions of those who fear
Would rather speak than live
So it is my hopes
Whenever our ends may come
It may comes with no regrets of how
The voice of others held us back
From living all we could.

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