Misses Those Things

I have a life,
a life of my own,
with friends, and family….
new things coming by,
but still, misses those things.

I am older,
making my own decisions,
with many things to explore….
new challenges coming by,
but still misses those things.

Had money to buy,
purchasing my own things,
with many things to own….
new mode of enjoyment coming by,
but still misses those things.

As I drive by,
watching many things moving by,
with many places to visit….
and new maturity coming by,
but still misses those things.

Yes I miss that,
and know its going by,
those lovely times to spend….
no worries, only play,
and the simplicity I had.

Yes it was childhood,
admiring and surprised,
loving each moment as it comes….
and loving the stillness,
caring and loving to get.

I have to move on,
taking new responsibilities,
as the time passes by….
and keep the memories with me,
but still I misses those things.

Submitted by manish.

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