Mirror Of Our Selves

Within our little worlds
were all have problems
heartache to heartache
sometimes its hard to find
for a time to be kind
we often regret to the words we give out
we listen to the voice
the feeling that make us insane
we never learned and we keep on doing
what we think is right
even when it dont make sense
it’s hardly matters
for were satisfied and it make us happy
the color of who we trully are
we feel a strange sense about other people
seem like in each life
we often run into qualities
with all the wrong in the world
we choose we like and respect
we are nothing but a fool
that quick to judge other people
convinced our selves
yelling,shouting and screaming
to get the atention for greatest thing we do
we think in our little world
ourselves are better than the rest
refused to look at own mirror
the gut and the doubt that way us down
we shame our selves for ever
but were all really just
trying to do our best.

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