Speaks the evergreen truth, never the fake,
If talk about time never runs too slow nor too fast,
Sometimes it can make you to look into your heart,
Only this can make you cry smile or laugh,
Obviously shows your face but inner system it trace,
Human mind and thought can change but never mirror,
Can do so much not the words which can rhyme,
Will show what you actually are, fact only you’ll know
But one thing, it will not tell you, what to do where to go.
May also come to happen that you see truth
But break it into pieces but still watch it’s nature,
Broken to pieces but still it’s every piece is showing the same.
Are you so daring, broken with pain but still dent less?
Its silence can teach how to be patience in noise.
Just be cool and watch the going hustle bustle fair,
Noise will tease you to break the silence and try to dare
Still if you have courage, watch a mirror, can find anywhere.
(C.k as Oliver)

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