Love and Contentment Happily Reigns

In life
yet unwelcomed
as it may be we can’t help
the anger and frustration
that sometimes share
the little space that we occupy
edging out colour with each presence
no matter how hard we try
life,it isn’t possible
to be always be envelope
in the hazzy feeling
of love and happiness
as times passes by
we’ve changed and we’ve grown
though only time will tell
if for the better or worse
but one of the simplest and most
rewarding choices we have
is to make up our minds
it sound incredibly easy
but it is an actual fact decision
that requires will,want and strenght
it is so much easier to say
we want something
but behave in the manner
that is totally the opposite
it is easier to complain
than it is to work hard
it is easier to talk than to act
it is easier to protect our ego
than it is to admit
we may be wrong
but then again we just have to decide
in our minds what it is
that we really want in life
and when choices is made
we will attain it.

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Terry says:

So true..!!

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