Lotus Dreams

Lotus eyes open slowly,
by first touch of sun rays.
Spreading mild fragrance,
unfolds her exotic beauty.

By half closed eyes she looks.
beyond sun, moon n’ stars.
Raising her head off the pond,
she blooms into day dreams.

Her oily hair floats around,
smearing films of rainbow.
Bubbles gurgle up from depth,
as she shifts her legs swiftly.

A flint of a meditative smile,
her breathe breezes in rhythm.
Creating small circular waves,
touches every soul on earth.

Day progresses to giant shadows.
monster shades tramp on earth.
Serenity of life gets disturbed.
Dreams dry away from sleepy eyes

A loud honk n’ howls of a Jumbo.
Disturbed water fowls run scary.
Some where an iphone rings shrill.
Day begins in city with a tough tone.

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