Life Is Too Short Too Waste!

Used to disbelief
Life is too short too waste
Putting your ego mechanism to drive
Soon as they are known
Choosing to be so boorish
and think highly of yourself
You’d live a self-centred life
With no motivation or inner peace
Never the person who
Takes care of others
Life is too short to waste
If you could only slow down
And think this long and hard
Are they’d things you’d like to change?
That can be rearranged
If you could only pause for a second
Give a thought to how you hurts and lied
and consider whats true and real
Love the people in your life
Like you’d never love before
and show appreciation more
For everyday we plant seed
That become a harvest
For it’s matter not
How much wealth you own
What matter is how you live
Life will only last a while
Would you be proud to leave the world
A better place than you found it?
Life is meant for living
So it’s better to add years
Rather than add years to your life
Life is too short to waste…

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