Life and Love

If what we built overtime
should fall apart tomorrow
or even today
i’ll try my best not to dwell over loss
but rather rejoice
over what was gained
i’d try to over come my sadness
with the knowledge that through you
my life has been enriched
my ability to know joy
and it’s true meaning
has been many time enchanced
comfort will always be take
in what you’ve given me
now trhough knowing you
i’ve grown and in many ways
been able to lend a helping hand
causing you to only stumble
when you easily could have fallen
i will always know
what will never die nor fade away
i will know being together
was trully life as it should be
two people,two souls
totally enjoyed as one
learning from each other
what it trully means to share
time life and love
and for that i will always be indebted
to you to me
to life itself.

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