Life An Immortal Feeling

Like dusts I sprang into air
For others I never care
I flied as if I had wings
Like a kite without strings

Even in gloomy days I laughed merrily
While I was facing pain dreadfully
Against of me was the whole world
I didn’t say a single word

While the sun burnt my bear feet
I stood alone away of the street
I had also lost my dear friends
Solitary then , I lost my sense!

Even then I stood tall alone
For I knew once the life gone
People would count the best things
What you had done as a nice being

No matter how rich you were
Matters how many ditches you cover
No matter how much you read books
Matters how many you have crooked

Like a legend life you live
Like solemn to needy you give
Live the life like jovial
Cause life is a feeling immortal…….!

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