Last Dawn

No place for mercy in the hearts
Wisdom became a smooth rare breeze
Beliefs had fallen and shattered apart
Dreams blackened out and hope became so distinct
It’s easy to pretend that you’re dead
But it’s hard to pretend that you’re alive
The air you breathe is a replica
No thoughts are clear
No goals are real
It’s with no doubt an endless path
People are misled and lost
They follow what they call emotions
And lie on themselves and on others
Charming words flow with bitterness
And we believe every single word of it
And after that we mock others
We live a lie and ridicule the truth
Infatuation, love, Passion magnetize tears
Build sorrow and grief
Sway the heart and mind
For Love is a destined failing exam
From it God sees our weakness
Human kind‘s core is nothing and shallow
We are a one-dimensional species
And we say we can dream and succeed????
We say we can fight and prevail??
A joke that we, ourselves believed in
Only that the days will come
With a beam of light carrying the lost truth
How we are trivial and insignificant
Till then keep dreaming with your eyes open!!!
Till its time for the Last Dawn.

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