Its Never Ending…

I must be in pursuit of the next part of my dream…
but on a narrow, winding boulevard I stumble over new faces…
only to be reminded , my sins are now up to the brim.

It’s not that I want to return to..
how it was like back then,
but maybe the feeble me, yearns..
is still searching for the haven that I’ve lost.

Naw…you don’t shed tears committing sins..
if you had to regret then why do the ill..

Lost in the labyrinth of emotions,
I can’t see my way out..
the exit for which I’ve so long fought.

Who am I waiting for?
What do I want to flee from?
…maybe its something called “reality”?
I sometimes lie I’ve forgotten ’bout it,
but it haunts me often..
The wretched soul of the time old.

What was I thinking?
Escaping reality ain’t that easy..
Because it can’t be done safe and sound..
..not even with thoughts so profound.

There’s no place for me to..return to either..
I bear such pain..that turns nostalgic,
the very life had to wither.

I have things left to do,
because I want to try redoing them..

My breath has lost its way, the sequence of it been broken..
And every time I try getting up again, it makes a nosedive..
Am down again…
Its a hallucinatory air we breathe in..
appearances are deceiving…you never know what to believe in.

For this ageless chaos of feelings,
…”is never ending!!”

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