It’s Look In The Mirror

I don’t know
How to look at you and criticize
All I have to do
Is look in the mirror
To keep myself busy for many years
Unless I confess my fear
Am certainly I’m not greater than you
Don’t mistakes my words
For thinking myself so
The only person they condemn
Is standing right in my own mirror
I think not of myself
As some glorified soul
Walking far above the rest
For I known in my heart
I’ve failed so many test
So when I’ve looked at what I’ve done
There’s no way to condescend
I look at you with
Your splinters compared to mine
And I can see the forest of the trees
You know when it was left alone
And for me there’s no way
I could ever see the light of day
That’s why I’m so glad
It was taken out of my hands
And done for me so don’t ever think
In either of our minds
I see myself above you or the rest
For I know myself quiet well
And I thank God for all failures
Were taken out of my hands
And the price paid for me
For it’s a price I could never pay.

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I like this

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