In Search Of Peace And Happiness

Most of us have stories to tell
I’ve met some people
Who are happy with their lot in life
I’m not sure of the degree
Of happiness.Though.
I’ve also met some people
Who are so miserable
That you just want
To slit your wrists
After being in their company
For 5 five minutes
It’s amazing how we often complain
About life forgetting the fact
That we create our own reality
And most often we refuse
To be happy with our lives
And it’s ebbs and flows
Both short and long
we’re so naive but
That make us human kind
Always be in constant
In search for peace.happiness
And people we can truly
Have fun.enjoyable and memorable
Times with…

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Seuntjie Els says:

i need more poems, for love, romace, death and unvails.

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