In my search to be Free

I seem so lost
in my search to be free
maybe i’ve got what i want
right here infront of me
when your eyes are close shut
it’s all too hard to see
never happy with the day
always searching for some way
to scream what i have to say
but it’s so hard to speak
when your mouth is always full
so hard to walk with your lips
wrapped around my feet
always looking for the last dime
chasing so hard that dollar bill
such a waste of time
trying to make it real
living in a dream of world
of my own choosing
not realizing im the only one losing
so much life infront of me
surrounds me everywhere
here is love,here are friends
laughter just over there
good times,bad times,seldom seen
in my search to be free
perhaps i need to see
what standing in my site
right here staring back at me
in my search to be free.

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Terry Mcdee says:

this really hit my self for me.nice!

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