I heard a song

I heard a song
about all you need
heard another
about let it be
and about a day gone past
a few simple words
gulled from the wisdom
of a young men’s mind
i heard a song
about running on empty
down a long lonely street
heard about night moves
and the danger of being alone
sung by birds of prey
heard a gambler speak
and a cowboy ride
against the wind
heard it sung
you can’t go home
that the answer
carried by the wind
the satisfaction of getting
what you need
was told to dream on
about a sweet home
the pleasure of sailing
and doing it my way
the dept of a flower
and the realization
that sooner or later
we all sleep alone
as we turn back time
out here on the fields
where i can breathe
watching all the people
run against the wind.

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Rungtiwa saibutdee says:

for u my sister

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