I Am Not Like You

At this world, in your life,
you make money to survive,
you have been hardworking & sincere,
become skillful & perform jobs here.

I may not be sincere & hardworking,
not as skillful as you have been,
but one thing, i want to say to you,
that my friend, i am not like you.

I may pass days wondering,
unmindful of works here occuring,
you may call me mad and think,
that i am not like you.

But i can imagine, can explore,
can see things beyond yours,
can see a picture and go into it,
and can feel emotions there.

I can make my own world,
with its own structure and system,
can feel the love and emotion,
being a part of my own compassion.

I can here the voice of cuckoo,
in a hot summer day,
can enjoy the wind and wet air,
in a tough humid day.

I may not get a name,
get some riches and fame,
but one thing satisfy as a whole,
that i get happiness inside my soul.

You can laugh & make fun of me,
got angry or scold me,
but, real human nature known by few,
as my friends….. i am not like you.

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