From Day To Today

So much to be seen
with so little shown
it’s hard to see
when you dont open your eyes
so much to be heard
with so little said
it’s hard to speak
when you dont open your mouth
so much to be learned
with so little asked
it’s hard to grasp
when you dont open your mind
so much to be giving
why must there only be taking
when it gets us no where
all the while our ears,
eyes,mouths and minds
remain shut
somehow figuring if we dont hear
see,speak or think
it will go away
paradise will return
and will go on living
from day to day
wouldn’t be so nice
if it’s really worked this way
unfortunately it takes
each of us hearing,
speaking and thinking
collectively working together
to improve the whole
yes,that’s includes you
that’s includes i
for we’re each part of the whole.

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2 Responses on “From Day To Today”

Cheow Brian says:

You deserve to be here beautiful poem stupp!!

Brandon says:

Beautiful poem….ah! just one of your best.stuuupppp…..

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