For Each Everyone Of Us

Reflecting back on something
that never really was
isn’t it strange
how are hearts and minds
lead us to believe
what they want us to
looking back now
with a clearer view
i question how it was
i never knew
or is the answer i did
but looked the other way
for in doing so
it easier to live
the way you imagine
instead of how you do
it so much easier
to look at laughter
happiness and love
than it is to live
with loniless,pain and tears
it so much easier
to ignore your fears
and strive on something
that isn’t really there
it seem quiet silly
how you could let it be so
untill you stop and think
what you choose to see
is what we’d all like to know
for each and everyone of us
would simple love to be
wrapped up so deep
in another loving arms.

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One Comment on “For Each Everyone Of Us”

Brandon says:

Yes to imagine and to be love is what were longing for.

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