Eve Teasing – A Shame For Humanity

Tonight as on other nights
i am walking alone
through the valley of fear
i heared a blanted voice
what’s that ,who’s there ? —i asked
a girl murmered , ran & dissapear
yes she is teased by some beasts ‘a group’ . . . .

The incident chilled me to the bones
for it could have been any of the girls
you , me , our sister , our friend , anyone!
If such cases will continue to transpice to fear of her life
folks will stop sending their gals out . .

she haters her life
she hated her society
she hated her surroundings
she hated these men
how could they do that ?
How could be they so cruel ?
They ruined her life
it all happened to her
coz she is a girl and a beautiful object . .
”humanity on shame”
i never saw a wild thing ‘sorry’ for itself .. 🙁 🙁

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