Empty Pockets

Suppose there’s a certain freedom
to having empty pockets
full of air
when you’ve lost everything
and having nothing else to lose
kind of eliminates
the worry of monthly bills
when you have nothing left to pay
and three digits numbers
become so low
they have no consequences at all
a roofless home
it is easier to maintain
feet are much reliable than wheels
the cost of wrapping up
is so much cheaper to stay warm
the sun and stars are easier to see
with nothing to block your view
you dont seem to collect
as much junk
with no closet to throw in it
reckon the silence is nice
when phone no longer ring
it’s a wee bit easier
to talk to God
when his the only one listening
and life lost a less complicated
when theres no mirror to look into
it’s easier to see what’s there
once the shame is gone
ole kris was dead on right
about freedom and nothing left to lose
and it gets easier each day
to get to the night
with empty pockets full of air
when life has been reduced
to following the nose
one step at a time.

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