Looking beyond the window
I always wanted to shut my eyes.
No sky could hold my head.
I did’t want to see the innocent smiles
vanishing from the moulded faith.

The smell of burning leaves waftes through
the catacomb of dead thoughts.
The time does not spare any overflow of poetry.
Life extracts its price of tomorrow.

Nothing will change. People will laugh,
weep and mourn. A candle for those
who jumped from minaret of silence. A
bonquet for them who died on waves.

I will hide the kernel under the mud
by stealth. One day amongst the
spikes a pink spirit will rise. A double landmark
for death and dust.

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One Comment on “DEATH AND DUST”

Zubair bashir says:

I slum myself into the pearl onw
but dont know whome i taked withh..
I norished myself with the cluster of moves…
Dont be over power with my beat..
Expect soo abt ur self ..
Being my beat your currly affections still in wait..
How long they relief their misery…
They gets deserted y u blame me in this cuzzy one..
My naughty ups will cuddle you ..
But time willnt be sure to bother alll ..
I had some piosen which cant be perfect alone..
The thrist class of those windy nights is now gone..
And the embracment of my own desert now fadal …
# dbydby
©zubair bashir

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