Call Center

I’ll be at the call center
I’ll stay here until something better
Comes along my way…
But as long as I stay at the call center,
I isn’t got a better days.
So I have to quit and find other way
To earn a living and live each day…

Now, I’d say, I used to work at a call center
I used to be called a “call girl”, whatever!
I used to party all day and
I used to work all night but that’s alright.

What now, will I become?
When I don’t even have an income?
Can you suggest and give me some,
So I have a pay when work is done…

At home, for a while and have some rest,
At least right now, that’s what I do best.
But I can’t stay long like this, not yet,
For I do have dreams to fulfill, you bet!

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