Baby Arrives

Baby Arrives

Little star just came down,
on wings of an angel.
He was a mother’s dream flower,
glided Milky Way to earth.
Holding umbilical cord of hopes,
arrived trekking a long way.
A host of unfulfilled wishes,
in shape of flesh and blood.
Journey continues one life to….
All time followed by a shadow.
A loud creaky baby cry, he is born
He sneezes loudly spraying,
creamy run from his nose.
His arrival is registered.
Mother blooms a fragrant smile

Life continues

Grubbing the world, by senses
We live in a colourful myth.
Playing a part so designed,
on many stages of world.
We stroll as somnambulists.
Behind droopy drapes of eye lids,
we live until vision of brilliance strikes,
Before drama concludes,
melodrama of life enters.

As we grow
Holding a flame in our hearts,
we come into turbulence,
often lives through tempests,
rolling in fear of its overturn.
One day a thunderbolt,
a thud, skeletons collapse.
There are many in cupboards.
Idols break into sharp flints
Still you would see a flame escapes you,
joining the flare up on sky.
a flash of lightning gleam horizon
darkness again!

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