Alone Always I Walked

Alone always I walked on the street
Unnoticed, tried to vanish in the mist
My heart always pondered of grief n agony
It had been years since I laughed merrily

People side to me used to praise then
I worked heartily to fulfill their expectations
Never turned back to see where I had come
Very far from others I felt like numb

Then I had many dreams in my eyes
Now I had to prove dreams of others true
For they are my well wishers n friends
I’ll have to do even if I feel blue

Screamed my soul, my heart got wounded
Never cared of but endeavored to be decent
Though the scars of grieves were prudent
None could find the truth I was lucky
My smile even in worst days became mystery
Tears rolled from my eyes in rain

My sadness never tried to refrain
My fake smiles n cheap amusement

I lived a life which was never mine
To my conscience I always lied
I became a person having no dreams
No expectations, had only self pride

I lost so far many things in my life
None could become my friend ,but strife
Was only pal lived with me forever
Proudly I’ll say “ the world I disguise”
When you can’t ever make me happy
Please don’t cry too on my sad demise…

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