24 Hours a Day is Enough.

Everyone is busy
Look around you
Ask your friends.
relatives and colleagues
And you will find almost everyone
Is in a rush most of the time
Deadline to meet.appointments to go
Meeting to attend and work to complete
But it’s so uncanny
How we can also make time for ourselves
No matter how bogged down we are at work
At least we have a cup of coffee
With friend.pick up a book to read
Buy one or two outfits
or some stuff at the mall
Visit a relative or two
Attend a wedding or birthday bash…
That’s how we built
We always say that we don’t have time
That we can’t even breath
But in actual fact we do
We just don’t acknowledge this
Or we’d rather not
Strangely obtaining some
Funny kind of empowerment by saying
“I’m so busy!”
The truth is if we want
To make time We can do so
It’s all up to us
24 hours a day is enough actually…

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anil kumar says:

thanks you

anil kumar says:

meri talas puri hui best friends you r

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