With Light Comes A New Day

Sometimes it just hurt
when you looked back
to see yourself
when simpler for other people
to stepped on you
humiliate you
and shout at you
to remind you who’s richer
among a host of other things
i just dont understand
the reason and motive behind inapropriate actions
it’s so unfair to walked looking
at your shoes
with a fear of disapointing
and of disapointment
causing you to only stumble
which were followed by anger
there was a whisper growing louder everyday
haunting you with the conviction
that you are unworthy
and not likebale enough
i see it now like a spiral staircase
i was the girl who suffered in silence
never had the courage to stand up
for my right
that time in again
i kept on doing what i’ve been told
but even a simple thank you
is too much to exchange
as times passes by
goes along with the situations
life decided to let me know
with light comes a new day
i must confess
i wanted revenge
but that was yesterday
im just glad that i am not one of them
and that’s releases me from the shackles
of emotional pain
and grant me freedom.

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