Hum of world continues.
Giant wheels grind to crack
Smoke and fumes, honks n’ hiss
Down pour, disfigure faces.

Sitting in a train to nowhere,
Imprisoned life moves fast.
Sceneries blurred run past.
Vague vision tries patch up.

Outside, rushes flow incessant.
Whirlpool of misery rolls down.
Entire world of dreams vanish,
as stations, run backward off view.

Day comes to halt in remote end.
Somewhere in horizon, sun hides.
Moon stretches hands down,
Splashing silvery grains on sand.

Waves of moonlit shades fall ahead,
white sand on both side gleams.
Snake of a footpath stretches far across,
reaching infinite lands beyond sight.

Rattle of train vibrate sleeping souls,
They rise from graves to dance.
leaving behind host of ghosts,
I pull down my berth for a swing sleep.

On bed of my dreams angels appear.
Each tied a star on their wand,
tickle my soul splashing a wish.
I found myself winged, floating.

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