What Set My Heart Aflutter

It’s all about timing
While the clock is ticking
All these affect timing
I have to follow them
To enable me to reach
What set my heart aflutter
The pressure is now on
To meet the specified timing
I need to fast
And to be fast
I have to have an excellent
Level of timing while
The clock is ticking
The time i am all ready
Physicaly and emotionaly prepared
And that set my heart aflutter
Thinking i didn’t get to strike
I am tempted
It’s all about the timing
But not wanting to take for granted
I decided to maintain my pace
At certain points of knowing
That i tried it really fast
Like a powerful mantra
The truth strike a chord
Realising that was a fool of me
It doesn’t really matter
Who get there first
But at least i give it a shot
And tried it really fast
That set my heart aflutter.

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Nurulisa says:

I like this….

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