We’re For Own Growth Rather My Down Fall

Back in the youth
of my school days life
i pick up many evidence
to feed my belief
that i have a good for nothing
teachers and classmates
i saw my school days
being so unfair to me
through colour tinted glasses
i kept replaying my internalize stories
like a broken record
each time i felt
how my classmates
back then when they’re being unfair,
bullied and mistreated me
or just how those teachers
being a favoritism
was hating them more
to feel up this dull ache
inside of me
so i grew up trying to prove
myself better than the rest
many years later
after realizing the futile
journey i was in
with all the blame
and not taking accountability
of my own actions
i initiated an ardous path
towards self healing
i had to look into my ownself
painfull as it was
through forgiveness
to heal the fragmented part of me
in a slow but rewarding way
those mistreatments and unfairnesess
has taught me
has created
a miraculous change in my life
and were for my own growth
rather than my downfall.

2 Responses on “We’re For Own Growth Rather My Down Fall”

Florence says:

beautiful statement.

Ahgie says:

I like this poem. Somehow, its reflects my life:-)

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