Tolerance Goes Along Way

Just when i thought
as a human being
i have needs and emotions
just like you
i’ve been under a lot of stress
facing my trials in life
with too much expectation
for a better or worse
tolerance goes along way
the ridiculous things
that has happened and has been said
recollecting each mistakes
wondering of what went wrong
how emotions gets the better
in between you and me
as i’ve listened to the whisper
of your thoughts
i’ve learned the hard way
comes to realising
if you’re not prepared to
trust me then leave
you well alone
but i’ll stay strong
while making full use of my time
for tolerance goes along way
i am smart enough
to go beyond the obvious
and find my own unique way
there’s life after all
in the spirit of me
and the moral values
that i have learn’t
from simply who i am
is never give up hope.

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