To Shape My Destiny

It is said to some
That if God loves you
Then he will shower you
With trials and tribulations
To test your mettle
Then God must love me
In my day to day life
I cope and is coping
That make me strong indeed
As i try and try my best
To be productive and capable enough
To shape my destiny
With contended mind
I don’t climb over the fence
Into another person’s pasture
Even when the grass seems
Greener on the other side of the fence
To shape my destiny
I try to be far sighted
All and all God must love me
For showing me the way
How to enjoy each day
And goes to sleep for rest
In my day to day life
I cope and is coping
I cherish and appreciate myself
To shape my destiny.

3 Responses on “To Shape My Destiny”

Nurulisa says:

Very good thought & inspirational….

Juneah says:

Great… isn’t that inspiring?.. Happy New Year to all!… Hope to see new more poems.. hope I can make too, soon..
God Bless…

Minenhle says:

a very inspirational poem kept me thinking nd justinspired me in o many ways. hope to read more of these.

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